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Welcome to our product gallery, where creativity meets functionality. Dive into our diverse range of products, including stylish tumblers to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, comforting mugs for those cozy moments, and elegant glass bowls that elevate your dining experience. Each item has been thoughtfully crafted, promising quality and individuality. Browse, discover, and find the perfect piece for every occasion.

Skinny Tumblers:
Our Skinny Tumbler is the ultimate choice for keeping your coffee, water, juices, wines, beers, cocktails, smoothies, iced teas, sodas, and more at the perfect temperature!
Crafted to retain the heat of your hot beverages for as long as 3 hours and the chill of your cold drinks for up to 9 hours, our Skinny Tumbler offers exceptional performance.
Choose from two convenient sizes: 16oz (470ml) and 20oz (600ml), and enjoy the sleek design with dimensions of 16.5cm (H) x 7.4cm (Diameter) for the 470ml option and 21.3cm (H) x 7.4cm (Diameter) for the 600ml version.
Our tumblers are constructed with quality materials, featuring 304 Stainless Steel on the inside, 201 Stainless Steel on the outside, and a clear plastic lid for easy sipping.
Available in an elegant white finish with a clear lid, our Skinny Tumbler comes in packaging that includes a white box with a reusable plastic straw.